“people change but memories don’t “

Hi everyone

Hope your all okay sorry I haven’t blogged for a week it has been so busy and I have felt rough but I now should be blogging more regularly. My next blog will be on a few of my LUSH products, but for now it’s just me explaining the quote really.

So last week was pretty much the same as usual but it seems in my 3 main groups of friends 2 of them are arguing. Yes everyone argues but it’s now getting stupid and they are just trying to find insults to throw back at each other but what I have noticed is the causes of both these arguments. It’s not that anyone has done something wrong it’s just because people change and others don’t like it. I think everyone changes all throughout there life but you either learn to except them for them or distance yourself from them, that way it’s easier for you and others. Some people change for the good and others for the better but you don’t have to stay friends with those who have turned out to be what you didn’t expect as long as your civil with them and don’t turn round being rude life becomes better for everyone. The other thing is if your ever in an argument with someone it’s not always just you who’s being effected its the people around you too so the sooner everything settles down the better.  However it doesnt mean the memories you have shared with these people should change because those happy memories should be treasured as they are what will last forever even if you have moved on from each other.

Thanks for reading now after this it will start to get a bit more exciting hopefully. Let me know how this week has been going for you in the comments and what other sort of blogs you would like me to do.


~ M xx