“too me you are perfect”


Hope everyone is well and has been enjoying themselves this weekend and thank you to everyone who has liked commented and followed I really appreciate it. Today I thought I would tell you about someone who is special to me.

Well when I say someone I don’t mean a person I am talking about an animal, however there are many special people in my life also, but while most people would rather stay inside in the warm on a wintery Friday evening I prefer to be at the yard. I don’t have a stack load of money or my own horse but I am lucky to have a pony on loan. She is my world my escape from everything after a long week knowing I can go see her keeps me going I love her in a way many people may not understand but that doesn’t matter. Its like having a friend who will listen for hours and enjoy your company without telling you that you did something wrong and even when she decidedes to be cheeky and I end up falling of it doesn’t matter because she’s perfect just the way she is.

Riding her for the last year has made me see more positive in everything and I thought I should tell you a bit about her as she is a big part of my life and part of the reason I am who I am today. Sorry to those of you who may not find this blog as interesting.

Thank you if you read all I hope Monday goes well and if there any particular blogs you would like me to do let me know in the comments. I will try to do a January favourites at the end of the month and my everyday makeup but I am open to ideas.


~ M

❤ xx


Just the start


I hope that you all had a good new year!

Now were to begin. I want to make my first blog about something of interest however I have decided to have it as a sort of introduction. So here I go if you don’t want to know why I have started blogging then you probably won’t want to read the rest of this but anyway for those of you that might want to.

A few weeks before we broke up for the Christmas holidays I decided I wanted to stop pretending to be someone I am not. 1. It means I have to hide up the truth about everything 2. I constantly feel uncomfortable 3. It makes me nervous and lastly I feel as if I don’t fit in. Well it’s easier said than done trying to be who you really are around people who think they know you and I lack confidence as it is. After deciding it was harder than I thought and much easier to put on a fake smile and nod your way through it when I only have 2 years left at this school I gave up. Now I know I shouldn’t but it doesn’t seem worth it when there is only a few people in the school who I actually trust one being my brother. So when my friend who knows Pretty much everything about me suggested blogging I thought I would try it in the new year. Basically my blog is going to have a mix of things on it really but I wanted somewhere I could be totally me without being told its not like me to say that or behave in this way. Maybe even other people feel the same way.

If if you have read all of that then thanyou I hope you have a good week. Let me know you thoughts on why you started blogging.

Thanks again love u

~ M xx