“thanks for being the friend who believed in me”

Hi hope your all okay and have a good weekend.

Now today I wasn’t really sure what to blog about as I had a few ideas but in the end I decided to tell you about how I came to realise something my friend taught me.

Whilst I was gazing out of the window at a group of year children who were scared of going inside alone it occured to me that I used to be one of those people who would just follow the crowd in fear of not being accepted. I then realised Amber had taught me that being yourself is much more important than  trying to be someone your not. Gradually over the past year I have stopped being a ‘sheep’ and started actually trying to be myself. School may be an exception to this as I have found it impossible trying to open up and be me, but there is no way without her I would have the confidence to get a job and go out for days without the fear of being judged. So thank you amber for always believing in me and not just leaving me because I had little personality when you first met me.

It’s always easier being a ‘sheep’ but when you become yourself you will feel so much better for it it’s like giving yourself a fresh start.

Thankyou to those of you have read this comment and tell me what plans u have for the weekend .


~ M xx


Just the start


I hope that you all had a good new year!

Now were to begin. I want to make my first blog about something of interest however I have decided to have it as a sort of introduction. So here I go if you don’t want to know why I have started blogging then you probably won’t want to read the rest of this but anyway for those of you that might want to.

A few weeks before we broke up for the Christmas holidays I decided I wanted to stop pretending to be someone I am not. 1. It means I have to hide up the truth about everything 2. I constantly feel uncomfortable 3. It makes me nervous and lastly I feel as if I don’t fit in. Well it’s easier said than done trying to be who you really are around people who think they know you and I lack confidence as it is. After deciding it was harder than I thought and much easier to put on a fake smile and nod your way through it when I only have 2 years left at this school I gave up. Now I know I shouldn’t but it doesn’t seem worth it when there is only a few people in the school who I actually trust one being my brother. So when my friend who knows Pretty much everything about me suggested blogging I thought I would try it in the new year. Basically my blog is going to have a mix of things on it really but I wanted somewhere I could be totally me without being told its not like me to say that or behave in this way. Maybe even other people feel the same way.

If if you have read all of that then thanyou I hope you have a good week. Let me know you thoughts on why you started blogging.

Thanks again love u

~ M xx