“I love walking in the rain because nobody knows I am crying”

Hi everyone

Thank you to all of you who read my previous post. I was going to blog yesterday but my mind was in the wrong place and I kept going to write but it made little sense.

Going back to school was harder than I had imagined and I felt so out of place. To be honest it’s not really the school that’s the problem it’s more down to the people there. I came home and just wanted to cry everything that had happened was just a mess and it all was starting to become too much. However feeling that alone when surrounded by so many people made me realise how lucky I am. It may sound odd but looking around the group’s of friends you could see all the people who were just using each other rather than actually being friends who would help you if you needed them, and because of that it made me think that I am lucky as I do have friends ans family who would support you in the good and the bad.

So even though you may feel alone at times where you don’t think you fit in think of those people who have been there for you when you needed them most. It’s easier said than done but it makes you appreciate it and at the end of the day the people who look as though they have the most company are probably the most alone.

I hope you have all had a good day comment and let me know what you have enjoyed most today.

Thanks for reading


~ M xx