“the worst kind of pain is when your smiling just to stop the tear from falling”

Hey everyone

Can’t believe I have been blogging for over a week I have been really enjoying it and thank you for all your lovely comments and likes. I will start doing some thing a bit different soon including things such as my everyday make up, but for now it’s just a bit about my day. After this I will try to be a bit more positive but talking about what’s happened has a way of making me feel better about it.

Well the morning was okay it’s when I had lunch, don’t get me wrong I don’t particularly like education and learning your typical maths English and science but I am the type of girl who wants to just get there head down and then get the hell out of the building so a 45 minute lunch seems to last a good couple of hours. I am lucky I have a close friend and we share the same sort of attitude there but when you get people just moan about stupid things like I can’t sit here because there eating something I don’t like it becomes draining. Anyway I am fairly good at just laughing it of but it comes a point when you can’t take it anymore. I get fed up when  a 15 year old is so pathetic they have to stand outside using the excuse she can’t eat in side just to bitch about someone. So called friends just use you for when it suits and then when it’s the other way round you get nothing in return and it may sound stupid but when someone decides that your no longer of any use and you just get forgotten it hurts. Trying to have a conversation with them and then someone more interesting walks along you just get forgetten and fade into there distant past, but its one of those things you have to smile about else the tears will start rolling and might never stop. Going to school is long and its safe to say I can’t wait to get away from it. However I am a believer of everything happens for a reason so I am guessing it’s taught me a lesson, be careful who you trust as sometimes people turn out to be someone you thought they weren’t.

On a more positive note I am seeing the pony on Friday and I have some great family things planned soon, as well as a make up shop with my main girl in half term and lots more we have too look forward to. Also my guinea pig and hamster beds have arrived which are really cute, and I finally got round to ordering real techniques brushes.

Thank you if you read any of that love you guys let me know if there are any types of blog posts you want me to do. Have a good day tomorrow


~M xx